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For a New Agenda for Peace and Justice:  In many countries throughout the world, political crises and states of emergency have become the status quo. Societies are being increasingly confronted with the spread of terrorism and extremism as well as an increase in armed conflicts. Preventing wars and creating the social foundations that allow peace to be established must be the aim of progressive politics. This requires prompt, determined action on the international stage, always under the aspects of international solidarity accompanied by continued dialogue and cooperation. The benchmark for international politics must always be the “strength of law” and not “the law of the strong”.

In order to achieve this, we have committed ourselves to:

  • reforming the United Nations and helping it achieve new authority and efficacy,
  • asserting our democratic values, even against authoritarian tendencies both within and outside of our societies,
  • strengthening universal and indivisible human rights and
  • understanding peace not just as the absence of war and working towards eliminating structural conditions that often make conflicts and war possible, namely: poverty, inequality and environmental degradation.

As part of its campaign “For a New Agenda for Peace and Justice”, the Progressive Alliance is promoting and encouraging exchange on these issues at events in all regions of the world and in cooperation with our key partners in trade unions, civil society and think tanks.




For a New Agenda for Peace and Justice