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For a New Agenda for Peace and Justice

The Progressive Alliance seeks to develop a new agenda for peace and justice. We need a progressive global political and economic system that puts people at the centre. The challenges of today’s world are manifold and in many countries around the world the state of emergency has become a normal condition. Read More…

Progressive Alliance: Impeachment in Brazil is a Farce

We are deeply concerned about the decision of the Brazilian Senate. The Senate impeached President Dilma Rousseff, Brazil’s first female president, and removed her from office. Read More…

Input Paper – Santo Domingo Forum: “Democratic and Equitable Development for Everyone – The 2030 Agenda”

In September, the world’s heads of state and governments signed off the new “2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development” in New York. This agenda is a global development roadmap which combines the poverty, development and environmental agendas. The 17 sustainable development goals (SDG) are universal and apply to all states as of now, including developing countries, emerging and industrialised states. Read More…

Rabat Resolution – Social Justice and Equal Opportunities for All

1. Social justice instead of rising inequality

The political upheavals that have taken place in the Arab world since the end of 2010 are closely connected with the hope for an economic upswing, the creation of jobs and greater social justice. Read More…

“Cyprus – Historic Chance of Reunification”

The Progressive Alliance fully supports the ongoing negotiation process in Cyprus under UN auspices and we express our support to achieve a bi-zonal, bi-communal federation in Cyprus as suggested by relevant resolutions of the United Nations.

We strongly believe that confidence building measures for the rapprochement of the two communities will pave the way for a viable and mutually-accepted settlement in Cyprus and such an achievement will present an excellent example towards other conflict-ridden areas particularly in the Mediterranean region and also contribute to the world peace in general.

Cyprus – Historic Chance of Reunification (PDF)