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Resolution – Democracy and Social Justice


Progressive Alliance Seminar: Democracy and Social Justice

24-25 April 2016, São Paulo, Brazil

As members of a progressive political party, as social democrats and socialists, our leading values and principles are freedom, justice and solidarity. Therefore, our concept of democracy is not neutral but a social democracy. Read More…

Impressions – São Paulo Seminar

The Progressive Alliance Seminar ”Democracy and Social Justice” took place on 24 – 25 April in São Paulo, Brazil, hosted by Workers’ Party (PT). (Photos: Maurice Weiss)














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Progressive Alliance – São Paulo Resolution

24 April 2016, São Paulo

Progressive Alliance: We stand on the side of the Brazilian Workers’ Party and Brazilian democracy

The Progressive Alliance supports all democratic forces in Brazil who oppose antipolitical and antidemocratic ideologies and it hopes that in a process of dialogue a way out of the crises can be found. The opposition in Brazil must again adhere to basic democratic principles. This means to respect election results and to fight for the political change at the ballot box. Read More…

Live Stream – São Paulo Seminar

List of Participants – São Paulo Seminar

Progressive Alliance Seminar: Democracy and Social Justice

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