“Cyprus – Historic Chance of Reunification”

The Progressive Alliance fully supports the ongoing negotiation process in Cyprus under UN auspices and we express our support to achieve a bi-zonal, bi-communal federation in Cyprus as suggested by relevant resolutions of the United Nations.

We strongly believe that confidence building measures for the rapprochement of the two communities will pave the way for a viable and mutually-accepted settlement in Cyprus and such an achievement will present an excellent example towards other conflict-ridden areas particularly in the Mediterranean region and also contribute to the world peace in general.

Cyprus Statement (PDF)

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“Free Ebrahim Sharif – Free All Political Prisoners from Bahrain”

The Progressive Alliance calls for the immediate release of the leader of the National Democratic Action Society (Waad) from Bahrain, Ebrahim Sharif, and all political prisoners, and calls to start serious and meaningful negotiations between the government of Bahrain and the opposition to achieve stability, social peace and real democracy in Bahrain which leads to real development.

The struggle against terrorism should not be misused to attack the peaceful political activists.

Bahrain Resolution (PDF)

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“No Modification in the Constitution of the Republic of Congo to Remain in Power”

The Progressive Alliance is seriously concerned by the ongoing trend, especially in parts of Africa, to thwart democracy by manipulating constitutions in order to remove presidential term limits in favor of incumbents. Read More…

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“We Stand Together to Defend Democracy and Freedom”

The terror attacks in Paris were directed against all of us. The Progressive Alliance ensures its strong solidarity with the French people as well as with the Lebanese in their fight against terrorism which recently attacked the Lebanese people in the southern suburb of Beirut taking away the lives of many innocents. Read More…

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