rule of law
Urgent Resolution for Macedonia

It represents a continuance of the previous political crisis in 2012, the failure of the “March Agreement” and the aptitude of constant ignorance towards the recommendations made by the European Commission, OSCE/ODIHR and other international Institutions.

The Progressive Alliance supports Macedonia’s EU accession that will consolidate Macedonian democracy, strengthen its institutions, improve the rule of law and protection of fundamental rights. To achieve that the country needs a progressive political and economic system that puts people at its core, that promotes dialogue and openness and protects basic human rights.

The recent wiretapping scandal and the disclosures made afterwards have raised many allegations for government wrongdoing and involvement into criminal acts, such as: corruption, electoral fraud, control over the judiciary, murder cover-ups etc. Ever since the scandal broke out and the disclosures started, there has been no progress achieved in investigating and prosecuting for the alleged wrongdoings. This continued inaction by the Government and the Judiciary casts serious doubt on commitment to the democratic principles and values, endangers the prospects of the country, its peace and stability, and has the potential to destabilize the whole region.

The huge attendance at the democracy rally held in Skopje on the 17th of May shows that the Macedonian people are not satisfied with the situation in the country and want more democracy. The fact that this gathered citizens from all ethnic communities is a reassuring sign of maturity in the Macedonian society.

The Progressive Alliance calls upon all political actors to engage in a meaningful political dialogue that will restore confidence in democracy and key institutions:

The Progressive Alliance also calls upon the EU and its Member States to support these efforts for pursuing the values of democracy, rule of law, accountability and protection of human rights and freedoms.

Macedonia Resolution (PDF) [1]