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For a New Agenda for Peace and Justice

The challenges of today’s world are manifold and in many countries around the world the state of emergency has become a normal condition. We see this for example in the current refugee crisis and the spread of global terrorism and religious extremism. On the other hand there are also positive developments: at no point in human history have we seen such a high number of democracies around the globe! With more and more countries becoming democratic and at the same time being confronted with challenges like the rise of terrorism, extremism and armed conflict, we progressives have to offer policy solutions that foster global cooperation rather than confrontation, embrace diversity  and create a climate of inclusion and social justice in a globalising world.

The challenges of the recent years differ fundamentally from the economic shocks of past decades. This is mainly due to the coincidence of diverse crises: the impact of the financial and economic crises is exacerbated by their concurrence with a comprehensive environmental crisis and the absence of social justice, ending time and again in limitless violence – be it in the form of terrorism or civil wars. The prevailing development models and their economic and consumption patterns as well as their cultural and societal orders are exhausted in many places.

The centremost objectives of progressive policies with a global aspiration are to prevent conflicts and create and maintain peace.  As progressive forces we want to use our means and capabilities to foster peace and development. We must act earlier and more decisively and effectively. We are acting on the principles of understanding and international solidarity as well as joint development and security through cooperation. We are convinced that the laws of the jungle must be reined in by the power of law and justice.

The crucial question of our time is whether the 21st century will bring peace and justice to all or whether it will lead to embittered distribution struggles and raging violence. We are convinced that peace, sustainable progress and social justice are possible in a global age. And together with the majority of mankind, we are prepared to join the political fight– for a new agenda for peace and justice!



In the framework of the campaign “For a New Agenda for Peace and Justice” the Progressive Alliance will organize an exchange on these topics in all major regions of the world in 2016 and 2017 and include trade unions and the progressive civil society, as it was done in the last campaign on “Decent Work Worldwide”.

In addition to the programmatic discussion on Peace and Justice we will continue to give active support to all those who are at the risk of oppression and persecution. History has shown us: Our strength as progressive, social democratic and socialist forces is based on international solidarity.

In order to ensure that our progressive agenda becomes a political reality we need to win elections. Therefore, apart from solidarity actions and programmatic discussions, we will especially continue the exchange on progressive campaigning and party organization.