Charter for progressive politics

We believe that a better future is possible. The social democratic, progressive and socialist parties have already achieved a great deal in their struggle for social progress and social democracy. We want to continue on this road together.

At the same time we are determined to energetically defend this progress against authoritarian and reactionary opponents who aggressively question our common values. It is with courage and optimism that we take up political arms against this dangerous new authoritarianism and increasing right-wing populism that pursues a policy of division, fuels hate and fear and promotes marginalisation and isolation. Together we shall join our global forces to create a future that is defined by peace, justice and freedom.

It is our firm conviction that the 21st century has to be an era of progress and cooperation. The aim of international politics must be to prevent conflicts and create peace on the basis of understanding, international solidarity and common security through mutual effort.

Our aim is a progressive and just world. As a powerful alliance of friends and partners from all corners of the earth, we are committed to achieving this aim. Our idea of a free, open, inclusive and joint society is a powerful idea.