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Draft of the Program, convention, Stockholm, Sweden, 15 – 16 November 2019

Convention: A Progressive Agenda for the Future of Work, Sustainability and Solidarity


Friday, 15 November 2019

Venue:             Folkets Hus

Barnhusgatan 12-14



08:00 hrs         Registration


09:00 hrs         Meeting of the Steering Committee

All parties and associated organisations of the Progressive Alliance are entitled to send delegates to the Steering Committee.

In this meeting the Steering Committee elects the 40 member parties and member organisations of the Board.

The Steering Committee prepares the convention, discusses resolutions and the upcoming activities of the Progressive Alliance.

Chaired by Konstantin Woinoff, Coordinator, Progressive Alliance

Amongst others:

1) Presentation and Discussion of the Political Working Agenda

2) Presentation, Discussion of and Vote on Amendments of the Guiding Principles

3) Presentation of the report on “Digital Capitalism”

4) Presentation, discussion of and vote on the resolutions

5) Election of two delegates for the Credentials and Tellers Committee

6) Election of the Board


11:00 hrs         Family Photo


12:00 hrs         Board and Leaders Meeting over Lunch

The new elected Board convenes in this first meeting to elect the Coordinator and appoint the Auditor.

Leaders of parties that have no representative on the Board are invited to participate in the meeting without voting rights.

The Board discusses and sets the political guidelines and takes decisions, inter alia, on membership and further organisation policy issues.

Chaired by Stefan Löfven, Chairman of the Social Democratic Party of Sweden (SAP) and Prime Minister of Sweden

Amongst others:

1) Presentation, discussion of and vote on the Political Working Agenda

2) Membership applications

3) Election of the Auditor and Coordinator


14:00 hrs         Plenary Session


14:00 hrs         Opening and Welcome

Stefan Löfven, Chairman of the Social Democratic Party of Sweden (SAP) and Prime Minister of Sweden


14:30 hrs         Leaders’ Panel: Future of Work in times of Digital Capitalism


15:15 hrs         Key Debate: Climate Change and a Sustainable World Society


16:30 hrs         Joint Signing of a Global New Deal


16:45 hrs         Coffee Break


17:00 hrs         Key Debate: Peace and Security


17:45 hrs         Progressive Alliance Award 2019 to Selahattin Demirtaş


18:15 hrs         End of the Convention


19:00 hrs         Reception


Saturday, 16 November 2019


10:00     –

17:00 hrs          Seminars on regional and topical issues

Draft of the Program