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Corona Updates

To the daily horror of statistics on the infection, on death tolls and exponential developments, the answers that governments give at national level, the support packages for jobs and the economy shall not be the only political response. Progressives in governmental responsibility certainly need to act on the urgency, however there is a need for the Progressives of thinking beyond, for a longer perspective of progressive policies.

Israel-Palestine: Stop the spiral of violence!
Progressive Alliance calls for an immediate cessation of violence!

Israeli airstrikes on Gaza and rockets fired from Gaza kill and injure innocent people! After days of violence in Jerusalem, where hundreds of Palestinians were injured ...protesting against forced evictions of Palestinian families by the Israeli authorities and after the Israeli police stormed the Al-Aqsa mosque for repeated times during the holy month of Ramadan.

Both sides have to respect human rights and international law. We stand in solidarity with all progressive forces in Israel, Palestine and the Middle East who seek peace and work towards a life of all people in freedom, justice and solidarity.

We reiterate that there is only one solution:

Gracias a @progressive_all, @FEPS_Europe, @globalprogress1 y @FESonline por organizar este encuentro sobre Latam. El viento sopla a favor de la socialdemocracia. Dar respuesta a la desigualdad, reforzar institucionalidad y afrontar la inseguridad requerirá un Estado más dinámico.

#ResilientDemocracies: desarrollar una gobernanza democrática a todos los niveles y demostrar que la democracia es mas eficaz que el autoritarismo. Lo lograremos fortaleciendo el equilibrio entre representatividad e inclusión de la sociedad civil @MJRodriguesEU @FEPS_Europe

La democracia no tiene su futuro garantizado, depende de nosotros! #ResilientDemocracies @javilopezEU @socialistes_cat @PSOE Live

Cómo fortalecer la democracia en periodo de crisis, de neo-liberalismo, de narcotráfico, de evangelismo y de descontento ? Necesitamos presión internacional para #ResilientDemocracies y ofrecer una utopia realista y solidaria. Margarita Bolaños - PAC Costa Rica.

Luego de una democratización de la región, el neo-liberalismo ha operado una contraofensiva. Se ha vuelto ultra-liberal y autoritario para imponer la privatización de los servicios públicos. Luiz Dulci @inst_lula #ResilientDemocracies América Latina Live:

Welcome to the Progressive Alliance for Freedom, Justice and Solidarity

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Our network encompasses more than 140 parties and organisations. We have provided mutual support in setting up regional organisations and will continue to commit ourselves to regional exchange. We already work together closely with various regional party networks such as the Party of European Socialists (PES), the Group of Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament, the Network of Social Democracy in Asia (SocDem Asia), the Central African Progressive Alliance (CAPA) and the Arab Social Democratic Forum (ASDF). We also maintain intensive and strategic relations with the International Union of Socialist Youth (IUSY). In the past few years, we have also been present on the ground in all regions of the world and have succeeded in expanding and strengthening our network. Right from the very start, the Progressive Alliance has welcomed the urgently-needed cooperation of progressive trade unions, civil society organisations, for instance in the field of gender equality and LGBTIQ rights, and think tanks.
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We are convinced that a better future is possible. The progressive, social democratic and socialist parties have achieved a lot in their struggle for social progress and social democracy. Together we want to continue on this path of freedom, justice and solidarity.
At the same time we are determined to strongly defend this progress against its authoritarian and reactionary opponents who aggressively try to cast doubts on our common values. With courage and confidence we will lead the political struggle against such politics which lead to division, promote hatred and fear and rely on exclusion and isolation. Together we will stand up all over the world for a future in peace, freedom and justice.
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