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The invasion and military intervention of Russia in Ukraine raises the risk of a new war, including a nuclear war, in Europe. Putin stance is not only a criminal act, it is also a mistake: it is a back-clash from a common security balance based in trust building measures and international treaties, to the law of the most powerful. However, the U.S., Europe and NATO failed to involve Gorbaciov’ Russia in the building of a common security, geopolitical and economic cooperation in the post ’89. This created decline and resentment over the years, favored the surge of nationalistic and populistic stands which found in Putin a popular leader. Mitterand alerted us that “nationalism means war”. S we should have known better. In the same time, the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan, after 20 years of a mission that started as a counter-terrorism operation, evolved into a regime change operation and ended up as a nation-building exercise which failed and provoked intense questioning among allies. The most important message was, that the U.S. is leaving the era of trying to remake the world by force behind it. And rightly so: following the West hegemonic thinking, starting from the ’90 (the economic globalization times), to the 2001 global war on terror, most of the steps taken only provoked increased resentment and rejection worldwide.

#PeaceandSecurity Podcasts 🎧
Episode 3 "Udo Bullmann: a progressive approach of security to ensure peace."
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Based on the German social democratic model, Udo Bullmann presents ...his vision for securing peace. He develops a progressive approach of security, based on democracy, social justice, cooperation, sustainability, diplomacy and defence, which the EU should promote on a regional and global level.

Udo Bullmann, is a member of the German SPD & SPD für Europa, member of the European Parliament in the Socialists and Democrats Group in the European Parliament (since 1999) and Coordinator of the Socialist Group in the Committee on Development.

La toma de mando del Presidente Gabriel Boric significa una gran esperanza para Chile, la región y la socialdemocracia. Felicidades!

In light of the United Nations 66th Commission on the Status of Women, PES Women, FEPS, Fondation Jean Jaurès and UN Women Deutschland join forces to bring forward a new social contract to the climate emergency rooted in ecofeminist ...values. In an effort to overcome the gender-blind approach, they bring you this CSW66 parallel event with the aim to explore progressive answers paving the way towards a truly feminist climate justice approach.

#PeaceandSecurity Podcasts 🎧
Episode 2 "Andreas Schieder, war in Ukraine: the EU, the Global Progressive Forum and Austrian neutrality."
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For Andreas Schieder, the recent ...aggression of Putin's authoritarian regime on Ukraine forces progressives around the world to reaffirm our commitment to peace and security, through democracy, multilateralism, defence and social justice, in terms that need to be redefined. But first, the EU must act with unity and solidarity in response to the war in Ukraine. #StandWithUkraine

Andreas Schieder is member of the Austrian SPÖ, Member of the European Parliament in the Socialists and Democrats Group in the European Parliament in the European Parliament and co-Chair of the Global Progressive Forum

On this year’s International Women’s Day, we call on Putin to STOP HIS WAR IN UKRAINE! It must be said again that in a war, women are the hardest hit. About 1.7 million people have already fled the war zones. The targeting of civilians, their livelihoods, their ...hospitals and their infrastructure are war crimes. Is it any surprise that the one who launched this war presents himself as the strong man, the alpha male? Certainly not!

This 8 March women and men will beat the street to call for an end of gender violence, for equal pay and equal rights! The calls are not new, but there is still a long way to go. Feminist foreign policy is significant progress, but we need more from words to deeds! At all levels!

Follow and support our partner in #Ukraine: SD Platform - СД Платформа

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Our network encompasses more than 140 parties and organisations. We have provided mutual support in setting up regional organisations and will continue to commit ourselves to regional exchange. We already work together closely with various regional party networks such as the Party of European Socialists (PES), the Group of Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament, the Network of Social Democracy in Asia (SocDem Asia), the Central African Progressive Alliance (CAPA) and the Arab Social Democratic Forum (ASDF). We also maintain intensive and strategic relations with the International Union of Socialist Youth (IUSY). In the past few years, we have also been present on the ground in all regions of the world and have succeeded in expanding and strengthening our network. Right from the very start, the Progressive Alliance has welcomed the urgently-needed cooperation of progressive trade unions, civil society organisations, for instance in the field of gender equality and LGBTIQ rights, and think tanks.
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We are convinced that a better future is possible. The progressive, social democratic and socialist parties have achieved a lot in their struggle for social progress and social democracy. Together we want to continue on this path of freedom, justice and solidarity.
At the same time we are determined to strongly defend this progress against its authoritarian and reactionary opponents who aggressively try to cast doubts on our common values. With courage and confidence we will lead the political struggle against such politics which lead to division, promote hatred and fear and rely on exclusion and isolation. Together we will stand up all over the world for a future in peace, freedom and justice.
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