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Corona Updates

To the daily horror of statistics on the infection, on death tolls and exponential developments, the answers that governments give at national level, the support packages for jobs and the economy shall not be the only political response. Progressives in governmental responsibility certainly need to act on the urgency, however there is a need for the Progressives of thinking beyond, for a longer perspective of progressive policies.

#UnionEuropéenne #Défense #Diplomatie #Développement

"Depuis la débâcle afghane et la montée du scepticisme à l’égard du « Grand Allié » américain, de plus en plus de voix s’élèvent pour demander la création d’une véritable Défense européenne. À gauche comme ...à droite, chacun joue des coudes devant les médias pour dire son indignation face à une Europe si peu respectée sur la scène internationale et incapable d’agir militairement de façon cohérente..."
Article de: André Flahaut (PS Belgique)
Ministre d’État, Député fédéral
Ministre de la Défense de 1999 à 2007
Membre du Comité d’honneur de la Société européenne de défense

A lire en français, anglais et espagnol:

EU and UN Commissioners, Members of the European Parliament, Nobel Prize laureates, prime ministers, trade unionists and people who will share their life stories - these are just a part of #GPF2021 debate of the year.
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17 - 19 November
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We will join the #GlobalProgressiveForum debate on 17-19 November.
EU & UN Commissioners, MEPs, Nobel Prize laureates, prime ministers, trade unionists and more will share their life stories -during the #GPF2021
Save the date and follow us and @TheProgressives for more details

#SPD board unanimously decided to start negotiations with Greens and Liberals. #Ampel 🚦
Our purpose: strengthening #Germany and Europe and taking the lead for transformative change!

Together with FRETILIN and SocDem Asia, we present the webinar Forging a New Social Contract as a follow up on discourse and agenda building looking into the social costs and impact of the Covid-19 at the global scale and how we should push grounded and viable progressive solutions partnership with the working people and the marginalized.


"We condemn the mass detentions of Peoples' Democratic Party - HDP members, including the party’s former co-chairs - Figen Yüksekdağ and Selahattin... Demirtaş - other MPs and mayors; and we condemn the ongoing attempt to get the HDP banned. We call for political prisoners to be released, for the politically motivated charges against party members to be dropped, and the proposed ban on the HDP to be rejected.

We call on Turkey to respect the democratic choices of the electorate, and to refrain from dismissing and detaining elected representatives and from replacing elected mayors with appointed trustees. And we call for those elected to be reinstated.

We condemn the increasing misuse of the Turkish judicial system to restrict opposition figures and critical organisations, and we call for an independent judiciary with fully separated powers.

We call on Turkey to stop punishing those who criticise the government and state authorities, and to allow freedom of speech; and we call on Turkey to stop restricting and attacking protests and demonstrations and to allow freedom of assembly.

We call for Turkey to observe its obligation to comply with rulings by the European Court of Human Rights and immediately release the HDP’s former co-chair, Selahattin Demirtaş, and the cultural activist and philanthropist, Osman Kavala, and we note that the criticisms the court made of the case against Demirtaş, which they regarded as politically motivated and unsubstantiated, are relevant to all HDP defendants who face possible life imprisonment in the ongoing ‘Kobanê Case’, who are accused of the same charges.

We call for Turkey to end its attacks and pressures on opposition parties, which have especially impacted the HDP but have also restricted the actions of municipalities run by the Republican People’s Party (CHP).

We condemn Turkey’s intensive harassment and frequent detention of critics of government and defenders of human rights. We call for this to be stopped, and for those detained to be released with charges dropped.

In light of all of the above:
We declare our unequivocal solidarity with the HDP’s relentless struggle in Turkey for peace, democracy, and justice.

We agree to closely monitor the politically motivated judicial repression on the HDP and on broader democratic society in Turkey.

We invite all members of the Progressive Alliance to further strengthen their solidarity with the Halkların Demokratik Partisi – HDP, as it faces increasingly challenging times.

We further agree to push for any agreements on improved relations with Turkey to be contingent on improvements in human rights, democracy, and the rule of law."

Read the full resolution here:

New chapter in #EU - @UNHumanRights relations: 1st annual Strategic Dialogue between UN Human Rights Chief @mbachelet and EU Special Representative for Human Rights @EamonGilmore. A reinvigorated #multilateralism anchored in #humanrights is not just an option, but a necessity 🤝

📌 Rendez-vous ce soir à 19h30 pour notre émission « 2022, Le Direct » avec @Anne_Hidalgo

🖥 Nous serons en direct sur notre page Facebook et sur notre chaîne YouTube #2022LeDirect


Wednesday, 13 October 2021, 6PM - 8PM (Dili, GMT +9)

Together with FRETILIN and SocDem Asia, we present the webinar Forging a New Social Contract, as a follow up on discourse and agenda building looking into the social ...costs and impact of the Covid-19 at the global scale. Mari Alkatiri, secretary general of FRETLIN Timor Leste, invites you to join us:

Welcome to the Progressive Alliance for Freedom, Justice and Solidarity

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Our network encompasses more than 140 parties and organisations. We have provided mutual support in setting up regional organisations and will continue to commit ourselves to regional exchange. We already work together closely with various regional party networks such as the Party of European Socialists (PES), the Group of Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament, the Network of Social Democracy in Asia (SocDem Asia), the Central African Progressive Alliance (CAPA) and the Arab Social Democratic Forum (ASDF). We also maintain intensive and strategic relations with the International Union of Socialist Youth (IUSY). In the past few years, we have also been present on the ground in all regions of the world and have succeeded in expanding and strengthening our network. Right from the very start, the Progressive Alliance has welcomed the urgently-needed cooperation of progressive trade unions, civil society organisations, for instance in the field of gender equality and LGBTIQ rights, and think tanks.
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We are convinced that a better future is possible. The progressive, social democratic and socialist parties have achieved a lot in their struggle for social progress and social democracy. Together we want to continue on this path of freedom, justice and solidarity.
At the same time we are determined to strongly defend this progress against its authoritarian and reactionary opponents who aggressively try to cast doubts on our common values. With courage and confidence we will lead the political struggle against such politics which lead to division, promote hatred and fear and rely on exclusion and isolation. Together we will stand up all over the world for a future in peace, freedom and justice.
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