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Call for Video Clips – A New Global Deal

During the Progressive Alliance Seminar -A New Global Deal-, in Stockholm on 24th October we would like to show working life and criticism of society in as many countries as possible.
You decide if the pictures in your video are working environment, society or even show representatives of your party. This will be a moment of contemporary culture and hopefully a smile of recognition.

To do the interactive preparation we ask your party to make a 60-90 seconds long movie with your mobile telephone or camera etc. We need the movies latest 18th October, for technical information see below.

The different movies will be made into a collage by a production company (Programbolaget) where they will use the whole video or part of videos. They will add music to the collage so you do not have to think about sounds.


Send the movie to:
Friend’s email: type the address
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Message: Please note party/organization and country

For further information please contact:
Anders Bergérus
For the New Global Deal Seminar