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solidarity with PT Brazil

Progressive Alliance: Impeachment in Brazil is a Farce

We are deeply concerned about the decision of the Brazilian Senate. The Senate impeached President Dilma Rousseff, Brazil’s first female president, and removed her from office

The impeachment puts an end to 13 years of governing by the Brazilian Workers’ Party PT, an era during which millions were lifted out of poverty and the country’s profile was raised on the global stage.

With the impeachment the conservative parties have abused an important democratic instrument to remove a democratically legitimized president from office. This is a dangerous precedent for the Brazilian democracy and the hardest attack on Brazilian democracy in recent decades.

The decision of the Senate neglects the choice of the Brazilian voters and overturns the result of the 2014 elections. It cannot be allowed that opinion polls and protest marches have a stronger weight than constitutional principles and democratic elections.

The Progressive Alliance rejects this irregular parliamentary process, calls for adherence of democratic principles and for new elections as soon as possible.