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Progressive Alliance Conference – Social Justice and Sustainability for a Fair and Prosperous World

25 – 26 May 2017, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Dear Comrades, dear Friends,

We are very pleased to invite you to the Progressive Alliance Conference on “Social Justice and Sustainability for a Fair and Prosperous World”, hosted by the Mongolian Peoples’ Party (MPP), which will take place in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, on 25 – 26 May 2017. We will conduct this seminar in co-operation with the Network of Social Democracy in Asia (SocDem Asia).

The Progressive Alliance conference will take place at a significant and decisive moment for Mongolia. A year after the landslide victory at the parliamentary elections our comrades of the MPP are now facing the task to defend the politics of justice, cohesion and democracy also at the upcoming presidential election.

Therefore the focus of the conference will be on the issue of social justice and sustainability. Innovations are among the key driving forces to achieve a sustainable economy and social justice in society. As social democrats, progressives and socialists we put the people with their different needs and life plans in the centre of our politics. It is about tangible improvements in everyday life, in other words, progress that reaches the people. The aim is to create a living environment that offers all people the best opportunities for development and helps to overcome poverty and social exclusion. Sustainable and innovative solutions can provide an essential contribution to this aim. Yet, we must not only consider the needs of our generation today, but also take into account those of future generations. We advocate a policy which implements social and economic progress in a sustainable and equitable way.

However, our democratic and open societies are exposed to an increasing risk posed by a rising reactionary and chauvinistic populism. This is another topic that we want to discuss at our conference. Because we are determined to strongly defend the achieved progress against its authoritarian and reactionary opponents who aggressively try to cast doubts on our common values. With courage and confidence we will lead the political struggle against such politics which cause division, promote hatred and fears and rely on exclusion and isolation. Together we will stand up all over the world for a future in peace, freedom and justice.

In our breakout sessions during our conference, we will discuss the developing situation in Asian countries. Furthermore, we will share ideas with regard to new strategies and alliances while facing new challenges for progressives in our countries. We will have the first meeting of the newly established working group of the Progressive Alliance on Gender. In this first meeting we want to follow up on the Gender Action Plan and discuss future focal points of our work. And as we usually do, we will have the opportunity at the Steering Committee to exchange views on all important content and organisational questions within our party family.

The conference will be an ideal opportunity for bringing together progressive actors from all over the world, ranging from political parties to civil society. The conference and the breakout sessions will provide an excellent platform for political discussions, networking with fellow progressives and the exchange of experiences.

For more information about the conference, please find enclosed the draft program, the technical details and the registration form.

Please register for the seminar at the latest by 8 May 2017.

Kind regards and looking forward to seeing you in Mongolia,

Konstantin Woinoff

Coordinator of the Progressive Alliance