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Resolution in view of the ongoing crisis in Nicaragua

In view of the ongoing crisis in Nicaragua, the Progressive Alliance:

  • Demands the immediate stop of the persecution, harassment and threats by Daniel Ortega’s government against political opponents, social leaders and activists, as well as former political prisoners.
  • Demands the release of the more than 130 people that are still being kept in prison on political charges.
  • Calls upon the government of Daniel Ortega to abide by the agreements signed at the negotiation table with the opposition alliance, Alianza Cívica, in March this year which stipulate the full and unconditional release of political prisoners, the restoration and respect of civil liberties recognised by the constitution, including the freedom of organisation, mobilisation and of the press.
  • Calls upon the government of Daniel Ortega to implement the recommendations of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, put forward on 10 September this year.
  • Calls on the governments across the world, solidarity movements and the international community to implement the necessary measures to contribute to the restoration of a lasting peace with justice and democracy in Nicaragua.
  • Reiterates its solidarity with the progressive and democratic forces of Nicaragua, in particular with the broad National Unity movement of progressive forces, Unidad Nacional Azul y Blanco, as well as with the Civic Alliance for Democracy.
Resolution: Ongoing crisis in Nicaragua