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Statement of Progressive Alliance on the Russian invasion in Ukraine

The global social-democratic, socialist and progressive political family historically stands and defends Peace and peaceful conflict resolution worldwide, the strongest solution and not the solution of the strongest.

As Progressives we condemn firmly the Russian military attack and invasion of Ukraine because it costs human lifes, destroys livelihoods and represents a violation of Ukrainian sovereignity and territorial integrity, of International Law, an attack on Democracy.

There is no whatsoever justifaction for such an agression ! Questioning and violating actual borderlines is inacceptable anywhere in the world!

The international security system build on agreements and Treaties needs to be respected. Diplomacy is the pathway.

As Progressives and Democrats we stand in solidarity with Ukraine and the Ukrainian people!

The war and Russian military intervention must end immediately.

Humanitarian support to the population and the victims need to be insured by the international community.