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Download the statement: APLA – Cumbre Iberoamericana ENG

Our region is going through a complex moment. We are in a context that generates a growing concern both for the world situation of the increase of neo-fascist, authoritarian and reactionary movements, and for the social and economic consequencesderived from the COVID-19 pandemic and the extension of the war initiated just over a year ago since the invasion of Russia in Ukraine that has added, In recent weeks, the prospect of nuclear escalation.

Latin America is no stranger to this moment of fragility and adds its own risk factors such as inequality, the environmental crisis and the increase in food prices, which impacts the most disadvantaged sectors, making a deep and effective approach in this area unpostponable.

In institutional terms, this is a time of great contradictions. On the one hand, we welcome the fact that five Latin American countries have elected, through democratic elections, progressive Presidents, a fact that fills us withhope. But we also cannot be indifferent to the recent attacks on democracy in several countries of the region and the instability that several nations in the region are going through.

It is in this context that we want to address these challenges from a progressive perspective, promoting in each country models of social development in which youth, women and social movements are protagonists. We want to chart progressive paths to deepen democracies and formulate government programsfor progress and equality.

Faced with this reality, and by virtue of the Ibero-American Summit of Heads of State in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, APLA, regional platform in the Americas of the global Progressive Alliance made up of political parties, foundations and progressive organizations from throughout the region, wants to state:

– Fraternal greetings to the Dominican Government, host of the summit, and to the Modern Revolutionary Party and its President Luis Abinader, which are an example of good social democratic policy in the country.

– The clear conviction, and without restrictions, about our commitment to democracy, respect for the rule of law and the welfare state based on solidarity and iguality, both in society and within our organizations on many occasions pretended parties and organizations of the left declaim democracy in the streets but reproduce practices closed to its interior.

– Our hope that theexercise of progressive and popular governments in Chile, Colombia, Brazil and Honduras will contribute to the strengthening of regional integration.

– Our support for the total peace process and the fiscal and social reforms promoted by the President of Colombia Gustavo Petro.

– Our support for the government of comrade Luiz Inazio “Lula Da Silva” and the unrestricted defense of democracy, in the face of destabilization attempts promoted by sectors linked to former President Jair Bolsonaro.

– Our condemnation of the authoritarian regime in Nicaragua and demand the immediate restoration of democratic guarantees.

– Our demand for the release of political prisoners in various countries of the region.

– Our concern about the inflationary outbreak in the region, provoked in part as a result of speculation in the financial markets under the pretext of the Russian war in Ukraine.

– Our satisfaction for the open and supportive attitude of the governments of Spain, Chile, Argentina, Colombia and Mexico towards the hundreds of Nicaraguans expatriated and exiled by the Ortega and Murillo regime.

– Our demand for commitment and collaboration on the part of the international community for the immediate restoration of constitutional guarantees in our sister republic of Haiti.

– Our urgent call to the President of Peru Dina Boluart to cease the violence and repression that has already claimed more than 100 lives, as well as to the constitution of a dialogue table that addresses popular and regional demands, which allows to channel a democratic and progressive solution in the country.

– Our repudiation of the judicial and political persecution of which referents of the independent press and political figures of the opposition in Guatemala are victims.

– Our support for the process of Constitutional Reform that has begun in the Republic of Chile that, we hope, will allow us to leave behind the current Constitution conceived during the civil-military dictatorship.

– Our emotional remembrance of the constitutional President of Chile, Salvador Allende, and the commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the civil-military coup of September1973.

– Our embrace to the Argentine people 40 years after the recovery of democracy.

– Our condemnation of initiatives that seek to capture independent autonomous bodies of an electoral nature. This goes against the values of socialdemocracy.

– Our recognition of the risk posed to democracy by the role of drug trafficking and organized crime in our States, urging the governments of the region to address this threat with all forces.

– Our rejection of the attempts of an authoritarian regression that is taking place in various countries of our region. We speak out in favour of peace for development and development for peace on our continent.

– Our concern about initiatives aimedat dismantling welfare state institutions, regressive educational reforms and social protection in several countries of our region.

– Our concern at the recent crisis in international financial markets, and the need for the international community to exercise control over speculative capital.

– Our condemnation of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and the demand for an immediate ceasefire, respect for international peace agreements and immediate withdrawal of Russian troops.

Finally, we welcome all initiatives aimed at strengthening our political family in the region and globally. Andwe invite to develop a forceful action from a progressive and ambitious perspective both regionally and globally.