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10 years Progressive Alliance!

Dear comrades and friends,

On 22 May 2013 we founded Progressive Alliance in Leipzig. In 10 years, we have contributed to strengthen our political family through conferences, meetings and exchanges. The Pandemic has challenged our way of working together but have even managed to intensify our cooperation between 2020 and 2022.

With the election of a new leadership in the Socialist International we enter a new phase of further development and cooperation which we will discuss in our upcoming board meeting on 29 June in Brussels.

At this opportunity I invite you to address to Progressive Alliance messages of solidarity stating your commitment to our network. These messages can be in written or through short video statements on Facebook or tweets using the hashtag #10yearsProgressiveAlliance.

We will collect them and publish them on our website.

The times they are a changing like Dylan said, they need new answers based on our progressive visions and values, they need a special effort of strengthening our political family worldwide!

Conny Reuter
Global coordinator


Leipzig, Germany, 22 May 2013, foundation of  Progressive Alliance

Board Meeting in Berlin, 13 October 2022