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Statement on the Zimbabwe General Election

Download our statement: PA Statement Zimbabwe General Election 2023

The Progressive Alliance extends its solidarity to the people of Zimbabwe as they conduct their general elections this 23 August. This general election is a consequential and pivotal moment for the country in this current historical juncture. Zimbabwe, indeed much of Africa, continues to feel the lingering negative effects of the pandemic. The promise of Zimbabwe’s development and progress continues to be such given the decades of misrule, corruption and authoritarianism. The people of Zimbabwe have a crucial choice to make this Wednesday: to continue with the 43 year rule of political and economic mismanagement or chart a new course of progress.

Zimbabwe continues to face runaway inflation, massive corruption, and lack of basic services such as power and healthcare that have become hallmarks of ZANU-PF misrule. Zimbabwe needs massive reforms and changes not only to its political system but also to its economic and social institutions. We are confident that the Citizens Coalition for Change and Nelson Chamisa’s promise of a Citizen’s Government will provide credible and reliable leadership through this period of crisis in Zimbabwe. The Zimbabwean people have had 43-years of authoritarian rule with little to nothing to show in terms of human development, social justice, and economic progress. A democratic and citizen-led participatory government can deliver on those unfulfilled promises.

The Progressive Alliance stands with the Zimbabwean people and the international community in their call for free and fair elections in Zimbabwe. It must be clear that the will of the people must be protected and transparency is key to achieving this. Currently, an unpublished complete voters roll, non-accreditation of many local observers and attempts to prevent a citizens-led tabulation are worrisome. We also express our grave concern over reports of violence and intimidation against opposition forces. Violence has no place in a democratic system and must be guarded against at all costs.

Lastly, as social democrats and progressives we see this electoral exercise not as a culmination but as a continuing process of democracy. The democratic opposition along with the people have shown tremendous courage in the face of decades of oppression and corruption. Their work will not be in vain as Zimbabwe makes its decision this Wednesday. We have seen democracy’s backslide across many countries across the globe. And yet, the determination of the democratic forces in Zimbabwe is among those stories of hope that inspire us to continue in our struggle for social justice and progress. As a worldwide network of more than 140 parties, CCC has our support in this democratic struggle.