Challenges for the future generation and the impact of COVID-19

Event Date   18.12.2021

(event with simultaneous interpretation in French, English and Spanish)

The COVID -19 pandemic is generating great challenges at a global level, becoming the new frontline of inequality.

The Progressive Alliance together with IUSY invite you to a virtual forum to address the challenges for the future generation, in which we will be joined by fellow veterans of IUSY.


– Conny Reuter, Global Coordinator of the Progressive Alliance.

– Jesus Tapia, President of IUSY


– José Julio Gomez, Former Vice President of IUSY, Vice Chancellor of the Dominican Republic. PRM DR.

– Caterina Cerroni, Former Vice President of IUSY. PD Italy.

– Howard Lee, Former President of IUSY. DAP Malaysia.

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