Istanbul, Turkey

Gender Equality Working Group Progressive Alliance – Gender Action Plan, 29-30 June 2024, Istanbul, Turkey

Event Date   29. – 30.06.2024

It is important to put into practice our progressive core values by integrating
into our core tenets the reflection of gender equality strategies of rights,
resources, and representation. With a focus on raising awareness and
participation on common struggles, and with collectivization and political
leadership building, the Gender Equality working group of the Progressive
Alliance intends to work by sharing knowledge and tools, mobilizing resources,
and strengthening its collective so that gender equality is met within our own
organization and provide impetus for linking with sister organizations working
for gender equality.

Through this workshop, the working group will identify ways, means and steps in
making gender equality a priority agenda and collective solution to
intersectional challenges faced in different regions of the world today.


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