Penang Seminar – Growth and Inclusion

Progressives from all over the world know that growth and inclusion are central. Too often global economic growth goes not hand in hand with economic and social inclusion. Instead we have seen in recent years an erosion of decent working conditions, lower job security, poor wages, lack of social security and union representation.
Event Date   25. – 26.09.2015

Since the 80s until the financial and economic crisis market oriented beliefs were dominant. In some cases the market liberalization has led to high growth rates and has allowed lifting hundreds of millions out of poverty, with China and India probably the most obvious cases. The Asian-miracle was used by some as an argument for the advantage of an authoritarian developmental state in an early stage of development, whereby China is the most prominent example for a trade-off between political and social freedom and economic development.


Input Paper: Growth and Inclusion
Resolution: Growth and Inclusion - The Key to Resilient and Democratic Societies