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Evin Incir

European Parliament
© Maurice Weiss/Ostkreuz

What encouraged you to go into politics?

My engagement in politics started already at the age of 14. As a young female with an immigrant background, growing up in a suburb of the city of Gothenburg, I did not believe that party politics mattered. However, after giving it a chance, through attending some activities of the Swedish Social Democratic Youth League, I realised that party politics do matter and that my opinion would not be heard without my engagement in politics. And this realisation encouraged my decision to continue the commitment.

What makes/made you do the right thing during your political career?

It is my firm belief that sticking to and acting according to my core values has always guided me and made me think twice before acting, even if it would sometimes be a sensitive matter.

In your opinion, what would a good life/good society look like?

A good society for me is one that puts solidarity in the centre of all policies. “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs” must always be a guiding principle. The good society provides all people equal opportunities for development. The freedom to be able to fulfil one´s dreams regardless of background and ability is for me what defines a good life.

What do you usually do to get your mind away from politics?

I hang out with friend or read a fictional book.

If you could only change one thing in the world within seconds what would it be?

End inequality. I do believe that most of the problems in the world is rooted in inequality.

What is your driving force for your political work?

To make a change for myself and people all around the world. Some changes take long time and requires patience, but each time I see the fruit of the work we are doing together in the Social Democratic family, it boosts my energy. 

What is your biggest wish for the future?

End inequality and wars.

What advice did your parents give to you? Did you put it into practice?

To always be focused on what I do and not give up. I have not always put it into practice, but I have become better on it with time.