2020 Chilean national plebiscite for a new constitution. 25th October.

Event Date   25.10.2020

On 25 October Chile will see the plebiscite on a constitutional change which is very important not only for Chile’s political and social debate, as it is an unprecedented citizen’s referendum result of social movement. (download the political and historical background of the plebiscite below)

This plebiscite was born as a way to channel the demands and anger that arose from the social explosion of October 18, 2019 throughout the country, where the people tired of the abuses and the tremendous social inequality were taking to the streets asking for “Respect and Dignity”.

It is in this context it was agreed on 15 November 2019, between the majority of the political parties and after a month of protests throughout the country, to officially hold a National Plebiscite in 2020, initially agreed upon for 26 April of the same year and subsequently set for 25 October due to the coronavirus pandemic, in order to determine whether the citizens agree to initiate a constitutional process to generate a new Constitution and to determine the mechanism for this process.

Taking into account the political relevance of the plebiscite, Progressive Alliance will organise a debate between leaders from different continents on Friday 23 October at 6pm Berlin/Brussels time.

We are proud to announce that Juan Gabriel Valdes, ex-Canciller will hold the opening keynote. We will have further discussants from different continents.

On the day of the plebiscite PS, PPD and Partido Radical will propose a virtual platform over the day. The week after we will organise another conference to exchange on the result and its consequences. (download the invitation below, in Spanish)


23 October 2020
1pm Santiago de Chile – 6pm Berlin/Brussels

Welcome by Conny Reuter – Global Coordinator of Progressive Alliance and Jesús Ferris, Coordinator of Progressive Alliance de las Americas

Introductory keynote by Juan Gabriel Valdés – ex Canciller, Socialist Party of Chile
Speakers: Marta Mauras, international secretary of PPD and Karina Delfina Musso PS Chile*

Katarina Barley – SPD, board member of Progressive Alliance, Vice-President of the European Parliament
Inma Rodríguez – PSOE, Delegation EU-Chile of European Parliament*
Javi Lopez – PSC, Co-Chair of EU-LAT Parliamentary Assembly
Mustafa Ben Jaffar, Ettakatol, Former President of the Tunisian Constitutional Assembly*
Antonio Bonfatti, President PS Argentina* (tbc)

Questions and answers



Political and historical background
PS, PPD and Partido Radical invitaiton to the virtual platform