Facebook Live 27Th November 2020

Progressive Challenges to Post-Pandemic Recovery in the Americas

Event Date   27.11.2020

Facebook Live: https://fb.me/e/3eR8KJ55p

On November 27th, together with the American Committee of IUSY and progressive organizations, we will address political issues in the region and define objectives and proposals to address the struggles of our peoples for democracy, equality, justice and freedom.

The Americas is going through moments of great debates about these struggles. The progressive forces of modern times require to differentiate ourselves from extremists, and the young people of IUSY are called upon to assume our political vision with courage, in the spirit of demonstrating that the left is not a left if it is not progressive, inclusive and democratic.

Words of welcome:
– Jesús Tapia, Vice President and Coordinator of the IUSY American Committee

– Johanna Ortega, President of IUSY

– Ana Pirtskhalava, Secretary General of IUSY

Panel: Progressive Challenges to Post-Pandemic Recovery

– Conny Reuter, Coordinator of the Progressive Alliance

– Gloria Reyes, Former Deputy of the Dominican Republic, Vice-President of PRM and Director of Progresando con Solidaridad.

Moderator: Rodrigo Muñoz, Vice President of IUSY