Welfare and Democracy, a Global Perspective. Workshop by FEPS and Progressive Alliance. 25 June 2021

Event Date   25.06.2021

Joint hybrid workshop by FEPS and Progressive Alliance

Friday 25th of June, 11.00am – 12.30pm CET

Webstreamed via Facebook live.

The purpose of the program is to highlight the importance of maintaining a truly social democratic program focused on social rights, material well-being and democratic participation in all continents.

Besides campaigning and winning elections, the challenge remains to anchor progressive values and references within our societies and to aim for a new progressive cultural hegemony framing our approach on sustainable development.

Although Social Democratic ideas have inspired Progressives allround the globe, it cannot be seen as a „Europe only” political project. In these times of the Covid-19 crisis, especially under the current circumstances, we are witnessing a revival of progressive economic and social policies, not only in the United States. This will have to put the transatlantic progressive dialogue into a new frame.

In fact, there have been periods in the recent past when significant progress has been made also in various countries of Latin-America, Africa as well as Asia. In many cases, however, progress is not sustainable, and is followed by a backlash and democracy has become under threat due to populist, authoritarian and fascist tendencies. The social aquis as well as social safety nets and anti-poverty programs can also be rolled back.

The seminar will take stock of such developments inside and outside of Europe, identify some critical challenges and opportunities for Social Democracy in a global context.

László Andor – FEPS Secretary General
Nicolas Schmit – EU Commissioner for Jobs and Social Rights
Esther Lynch – Deputy Secretary General ETUC
Gaby Bischoff – S&D MEP

Conny Reuter – Progressive Alliance