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Monica Xavier

Senator of the Republic for the Socialist Party of Uruguay and General Secretary of the PS
© Maurice Weiss/Ostkreuz

What encouraged you to go into politics?

I was already born with political activism running through my blood. It starts in your family first, goes on while you are studying and becomes even stronger when you are working in the party.

What makes/made you do the right thing during your political career?

I never decide things alone. I engage in dialogue and always consult with others. I do take responsibility, but any decision taking process is linked to sharing ideas, to listening, to surrounding yourself with people who have an insight of the topics being discussed and who give you confidence.

In your opinion, what would a good life/good society look like?

For me a just society is one that provides real opportunities for everyone. Such a society allows its people to deepen their knowledge and enhance their abilities in the fields they would like to develop. It is a society that values the effort more than privileges. It is a place where the starting point is the same for everybody, where gender, colour, age, sexual option or economic situation do not constitute barriers.

What do you usually do to get your mind away from politics?

First of all, I do not suffer from politics. For me, politics are inspiring and motivating. But my life is of course not limited only to politics. I enjoy lots of other things, for example, sharing time with my family or friends. I love going to the beach, reading and listening to music. My biggest joy is, without doubt, to share – the always limited – moments with my son Daniel. He is a salve to the soul.

If you could only change one thing in the world within seconds what would it be?

The injustices.

What is your driving force for your political work?

What I said before, a more just and equitable world inspires me. I am inspired by being part of the construction of a society where opportunities prevail over privileges, rights over injustices, solidarity over indifference, dialogue over imposition, consensus over arbitrariness, courage over cowardice, kindness over arrogance, honesty over hypocrisy.

I feel encouraged that in this decade we have managed changes which were unthinkable in our society only some years ago. I am convinced of and motivated by the fact that we will continue to promote equality. I am inspired to see how close the rulers are to their people.

What is your biggest wish for the future?

Managing to build highways towards development and towards integration. That clearly requires better education, more wealth distribution and more solidarity.

What advice did your parents give to you? Did you put it into practice?

To be honest.