Brussels Conference – For a New Agenda for Peace and Justice

The Progressive Alliance Parliamentary Conference “For a New Agenda for Peace and Justice” took place in Brussels, Belgium, on 17 – 18 October, 2016 and was organized in cooperation with the Socialists and Democrats Group in the European Parliament (S&D)
Event Date   17. – 18.10.2016

We need a progressive, global, political and economic system that puts people at the centre. We are seeking a progressive solution that creates peace and ends violence, encourages hope and does not stoke fears, which offers equal opportunities for women and men, enabling them to become involved in rather than excluded from society, fostering cooperation rather than confrontation. However violence, war, injustice and underdevelopment seem to be the new permanent situation: Syria, ISIS, migration, Ebola, drug trafficking, Ukraine etc. These crises are, however, not an exception to globalization; they are often a consequence of a non or badly managed globalization. The centermost objectives of progressive policies with a global aspiration are to prevent conflicts and create and maintain peace. As progressive forces we accept our responsibility to use our means and capabilities to foster peace and development. We must act earlier and more decisively as well as more effectively.


Input Paper: People in Motion
Resolution: People in Motion - Developing Fair and Equitable Migration Policies
For a New Agenda for Peace and Justice