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Resolution for Mexico and Ayotzinapa

The Progressive Alliance condemns the forced disappearance of 43 students from the rural teachers’ college of Ayotzinapa in the State of Guerrero, Mexico.

It demands of the authorities of the Mexican State a transparent, serious and responsible investigation to ascertain the whereabouts of the 43 students of that rural school and that those who are responsible be punished for these condemnable acts regardless of their political affiliation.

It demands of the authorities of the Mexican State the establishment of an independent Truth and Justice Commission, with the assistance of the United Nations’ High Commissioner for Human Rights.

We express our concern about the criminalization exerted by the government against the social mobilisations which are currently taking place in Mexico.

We back the measures taken by the PRD and the progressive parties of Mexico with regards to the transparency, accountability and internal fight against public servants who might be involved in corruption or be linked to organizations of organized crime.

We support the proposals of the left and progressive parties for a necessary change of legal standards and the administration of justice which ensure an unrestricted respect of human rights and the fight against impunity in the public service.

The Progressive Alliance believes that it is important that the different political actors in Mexico and the government of this nation itself promote transparency, accountability and the fight against impunity as necessary measures and a principal of any democracy in the world.

Holding free and democratic elections in Mexico and worldwide is a necessary and essential condition for the implementation of democratic changes for the benefit of our societies.

Lisbon, Portugal. December 2014


Resolution for Mexico and Ayotzinapa (PDF)