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Charta for progressive politics

We believe that a better future is possible. The social democratic, progressive and socialist parties have already achieved a great deal in their struggle for social progress and social democracy. We want to continue on this road together.

At the same time we are determined to energetically defend this progress against authoritarian and reactionary opponents who aggressively question our common values. It is with courage and optimism that we take up political arms against this dangerous new authoritarianism and increasing right-wing populism that pursues a policy of division, fuels hate and fear and promotes marginalisation and isolation. Together we shall join our global forces to create a future that is defined by peace, justice and freedom.

  • We are committed to democracy and its institutions. Democracy is the key to a life in dignity and freedom. We want to extend and strengthen democracy worldwide and will strongly oppose any attempts to curb democratic rights.
  • We are committed to human rights and oppose any form of torture. Universally valid human rights are the foundation for peace, justice and freedom around the world. We are fighting for worldwide acceptance of these rights and will oppose any attempt to deprive individuals of their basic rights.
  • We are committed to social cohesion and social justice. We interpret progress as being solidarity of the strong with the weak and mutual protection against the major risks in life. Together with the trade unions we are campaigning for decent work and workers’ rights and are putting up a resolute fight against poverty and exploitation.
  • We believe in a fair and just globalisation process that follows clearly defined rules. We want to create a global economy exercising fair trade and operating in the interests of the people to eliminate poverty and inequality. We protect the environment based on the concept of intergenerational responsibility, and we are fighting against the destructive excesses of a brand of global capitalism that is irresponsible, benefits only a small minority and depletes our planet’s natural resources.
  • We believe in tolerance and diversity. As progressive politicians, we are convinced that social diversity on the basis of shared values enriches our lives. We are fighting for equal rights the world over as well as against every form of discrimination, xenophobia or marginalisation.
  • We believe in sexual equality and the same rights for men and women at all levels of society. These rights are vital for creating the just and fair society to which we have resolutely and globally committed ourselves. We are fighting against the discrimination and oppression of girls and women and will continue to oppose sexism and sexual violence in all parts of the world.
  • We believe in the separation of powers and the division of private and public interests. Corruption hinders social progress and universal participation. We are fighting for transparency and the rule of law.
  • We consider freedom of the press to be an indispensable component of democracy. The right to freedom of opinion is crucial to a free society. We are campaigning worldwide against the suppression of free media, against the manipulation of public opinion through fake news and against government propaganda.
  • We believe in education as the key to equal opportunities. The future of an individual should not be decided by their origins, but by talent and drive. We want to provide everyone with the opportunity to lead a self-determined life thanks to education, and are fighting for universal access to education.
  • We are committed to overcoming the greatest human risks facing our day and age. Progress involves a joint struggle to eliminate and prevent hunger, climate disasters and epidemics in all parts of the world. If we succeed in this aim, we will also be combating the main reasons why millions are being forced to flee their home countries worldwide.

It is our firm conviction that the 21st century has to be an era of progress and cooperation. The aim of international politics must be to prevent conflicts and create peace on the basis of understanding, international solidarity and common security through mutual effort.

Our aim is a progressive and just world. As a powerful alliance of friends and partners from all corners of the earth, we are committed to achieving this aim. Our idea of a free, open, inclusive and joint society is a powerful idea.


Charta for progressive politics