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Statement on violent repression in Peru – Progressive Alliance of The Americas

The Progressive Alliance of the Americas, made up of political parties, foundations and progressive organizations from all over the region, expresses its repudiation of the violent repression that has... Read more

Solidarity with Francia Márquez, Colombia’s Vice-President – Progressive Alliance of The Americas

From the political parties, foundations and progressive organizations that make up the Progressive Alliance of the Americas, we express our solidarity with the Vice President of Colombia Francia Márquez,... Read more

Statement on the Situation in Brazil – Progressive Alliance of the Americas

The political parties, foundations and progressive organizations members of the Progressive Alliance of the Americas express our most energetic repudiation and condemnation of acts of violence against the powers... Read more
New Year 2023

Peace, security & democracy, meeting the challenges means standing strong and united

The attack on the Brazilian institutions yesterday in Brasilia has illustrated again that right wing extremists and fascists are following a global playbook by not recognising their defeat in... Read more

Statement on the situation in the Republic of Peru, by the Progressive Alliance of The Americas

The attempted self-coup perpetrated today by the former President of the Republic of Peru, Pedro Castillo, which included the dissolution of the legislative branch, the intervention of the judicial... Read more
Policy Study

Building resilient democracies, challenges and solutions across the globe. Progressive Alliance, FEPS & Renner Institute

Across the globe, democracies are under intense pressure. The warning signs come in different forms, to varying degrees and from across all continents. Since the start of the 21st... Read more

Towards a Politics of Identities and Democracy: Building a Social Democratic Future of Diversity and Unity

Jakarta SocDem Asia – Progressive Alliance 21-25 November Conference Statement Introduction: Democracy and diversity around the world are under threat. Right-wing populist politics and parties are on the rise... Read more

HDP call: Turkish airstrikes hit Kobani and other towns in Syria and northern Iraq

“Turkish airstrikes hit several Kurdish towns across northern Syria and Iraq, including the city of Kobani, late on November 19th and in the morning of the next day” reads... Read more
Progressive Alliance Award

Suyen Barahona, recipient of the Progressive Alliance’s Human Rights Award 2022 for outstanding political courage

The Progressive Alliance awarded Suyen Barahona, president of UNAMOS and current political prisoner of the Ortega Murillo dictatorship in Nicaragua, its Human Rights Award. The Board of the Progressive... Read more

SD Platform’s stance on the Russian massive missile strikes of 10th October

Russia attacked Ukraine with 83 missiles and 17 kamikaze drones across entire Ukraine today. 45 missiles were intercepted, and 9 Iran-supplied kamikaze drones were destroyed by Air Defense Forces.... Read more