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Guiding Principles

15 November 2019

Guiding Principles of the Progressive Alliance

Progressive Alliance for Freedom, Justice and Solidarity


  1. Our Commitment

As progressive parties, we want to make the 21st century a century of democratic, social and ecological progress. In order to achieve this goal, we have to understand the needs of our fellow human beings and work out modern political approaches to satisfy these needs.

To create decent jobs and fight unemployment, to ensure fair income distribution or redistribution of wealth and gender equality counter increased inequality in societies, fight for LGBTIQ rights and against intolerance and racism, restrain rampant unruly financial markets with clear regulations and fight tax fraud, curb climate change with the urgency required and promote sustainable economic, social and ecological development, secure peace and human rights as global public goods, uphold multilateralism, advocate disarmament and stop the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, and eradicate hunger and poverty once and for all.

Challenges like these can only be tackled by working together and not against each other, by a strong global coordination and coalition of progressives.


  1. Our Agenda

The Progressive Alliance is an association of progressive, social democratic, socialist and labour parties, political organisations and networks. The Progressive Alliance seeks to collaborate with other progressive organisations, unions, think tanks, foundations and non-governmental organisations (NGOs). Parallel and complementary to other associations operating at an international level, the Progressive Alliance builds on regional and transnational networks and forums.

The Progressive Alliance provides a platform for formulating progressive collective and coordinated answers to political challenges around the globe, for exchanging information and experience on election campaigns and policy initiatives and ideas, for strengthening party organization, supporting international campaigns, improving regional networking and for the solidarity activities.

  • The Progressive Alliance uses a wide variety of formats – amongst others conventions, conferences, seminars, forums, workshops, fringe meetings and missions – in a year in different regions of the world. These meetings bring together progressive politicians from across the world to discuss shared policy challenges and to foster international cooperation. The activities can be organised in conjunction with other progressive social forces, trade unions, foundations and NGOs.
  • The Progressive Alliance also focuses on building-up the capacity for campaigns and the organizational integrity of political parties. The Progressive Campaigning workshops and other forums give progressive political parties opportunities to discuss shared electoral challenges and successful campaigns.
  • The promotion of international cross-border solidarity is a crucial part of political identity of the progressive movement. It is, therefore, of central concern to all members of the Progressive Alliance to come to the aid of all our comrades throughout the world who are suffering from political oppression and persecution or whose stand for our values requires the support of the progressive community.


III. Organisational Culture

The values of democracy, justice, solidarity and gender equality we advocate are the basic operational principles inside the Progressive Alliance. Therefore we encourage the member parties to secure gender parity in their delegations participating in Progressive Alliance activities.

The Progressive Alliance has a lean organisational structure and favours a high level of transparency and participation.


  1. Members

The Progressive Alliance is open for members to all progressive, social democratic, socialist, labour parties and such party networks. Progressive non-party organisations can become associated partners.

Decisions on the admission of new members or new associated partners are taken by the Progressive Alliance Board, based on the preparation of the Coordinator in consultation with the regional partners. Membership applications must be filed in written form and addressed to the Board. In cases of serious infringements of the principles and guidelines of the Progressive Alliance, the Board may decide on the exclusion or suspension of a member. Regarding the admission or exclusions of members the aim is to reach consensual decisions. However, if this is not possible, the Board may take such decisions based on a two-thirds majority.

Non-member parties and organisations may be invited as guests. Guests have no voting rights.

The Progressive Alliance is funded by voluntary financial contributions. All interested parties are invited to contribute accordingly.

Resignation from the Progressive Alliance may be declared in writing at any time.


  1. Organs
  • Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is made up of delegates from the members and associated partners of the Progressive Alliance.

The Steering Committee meets on a regular basis, but at least twice a year and as far as possible within the margins of Progressive Alliance meetings.

The Steering Committee prepares the activities of the Progressive Alliance and deals with all relevant political questions.

Every three years, the Steering Committee elects the members of the Board and decides on the discharge of the Finance Committee and the outgoing Board.

An extraordinary meeting of the Steering Committee may be convened upon a request of 30% of the members.

  • Board

The Board consists of up to 40 member parties and member organisations. To secure gender parity in the Board all parties and organisations are represented by at least one female representative. Each party applying for a seat on the board must nominate two candidates, one female and one male, who may then become equal members of the board. The members of the Board are elected by the Steering Committee every three years. The Board represents the geographical plurality and diversity of the Progressive Alliance membership. All continents of the world are represented in the Board.

The IUSY President is a co-opted member of the Board.

Leaders of parties that have no representative on the Board have the right to attend Board meetings without voting rights.

The Board meets at least once a year on the fringes of the annual United Nations General Assembly session.

The Board sets the political guidelines and takes decisions, inter alia, on basic organisational and organisation policy issues within the Progressive Alliance.

Every three years, the Board elects a Coordinator, appoints the Auditor and provides the activity report as well as the financial statement to the Steering Committee.

An extraordinary meeting of the Board may be convened upon a request of 30% of the members.

  • Coordinator

The Coordinator is elected by the Board every three years.

It is her or his job to coordinate the activities of the Progressive Alliance in agreement with the Board.

The Coordinator is responsible for the timely convocation of meetings of the Steering Committee, the Board and the Finance Committee.

The Coordinator has voting rights in the Finance Committee and the Board.

The Coordinator manages the finances and provides the annual financial statement to the Finance Committee. Within the framework of the financial affairs of the Progressive Alliance the Coordinator has sole power of representation. Every two years the Coordinator prepares the activity report for the Board.

  • Coordination of regional Coordinators

The Coordinator agrees with the regional Coordinators upon the Progressive Alliance activities and their thematic priorities.

In consultation with the regional Coordinators, the Coordinator prepares recommendations regarding memberships to be presented to the Board.

The regional Coordinators and the Coordinator should meet at least once a year.

  • Finance Committee

Every financially contributing member delegates a representative to participate in the Finance Committee.

The Finance Committee meets at least once per year.

In agreement with the Board, the Finance Committee takes decisions concerning the deployment and use of funds.

The Finance Committee prepares a financial statement for the Board every two years.

  • Auditor

The Auditor is appointed by the Board every three years. She or he audits the financial statement and reports her or his findings to the Board.


  1. Review of and Changes to the Guiding Principles and Dissolution of the Progressive Alliance

The Steering Committee has the right to alter the guiding principles of and/or to dissolve the Progressive Alliance on the basis of a two-thirds majority.


The Guiding Principles of the Progressive Alliance were last supplemented by resolution of the Steering Committee on 15/11/2019.


Guiding Principles of the Progressive Alliance