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Invitation – Mexico City Seminar: “Inclusive Growth and Decent Work”, 26 – 27 March 2015

Dear comrades, dear friends,

It is a great honor for the members and the leadership of the Party of the Democratic Revolution to welcome you in Mexico City and that you come together in this country where political, economic and social rights, as well as the right to information are being restricted by powerful economic groups which strongly influence the country’s political life. In this unfortunate situation our party is committed to leading a constant fight with the aim to reestablish and increase these rights.

We are the Mexican progressives at your side. We are strongly committed to strengthening democracy in politics, society, trade unions and the economy. And with your participation in this seminar, your ideas and contributions you will provide us with even more tools to bring about change in Mexico for the benefit of our society.

The progressive Mexican Left appreciates your participation a lot. Your visit is a great support in our current electoral campaign. Your solidarity is welcomed and your presence highly appreciated. The fight for more equal rights, equality, inclusive growth, transparency and accountability where the citizens are informed about the political and economic measures of their government is the best way to challenge politics and is our banner that unites progressive forces all over the world.

Carlos Navarrete Ruíz, President, Party of the Democratic Revolution, Mexico


You are cordially invited to the Progressive Alliance seminar on 26 and 27 March 2015 in Mexico hosted by the Party of the Democratic Revolution. In Mexico City we will gather participants from political parties, trade unions and the progressive civil society from around the world. The aim of this conference is to provide a forum for political discussions, networking and sharing of best practices in order to promote new ideas on progressive campaigning as well as to discuss first steps to achieve inclusive growth and to build up alliances for decent work for all.

In the context of the Decent Work Campaign of the Progressive Alliance we want to discuss inclusive growth and decent work in view of the increased international trade and mobility of capital which gave new hope to many people, especially in newly emerging economies. However, most of the world’s population is not seeing their lives improving as a result of economic growth, technological advances and globalization. Inequality is on the rise. Unemployment is endemic in some areas and too many are underemployed, or not paid for their performed work. People in developing and developed countries are working more for less money, and more and more people – overwhelmingly women – are forced to make their living in the so-called informal economy and in precarious jobs, lacking basic rights at work and social protection. Against this background, the seminar of the Progressive Alliance centers on the question of how inclusive growth and decent work can be reached.

The second focus of the seminar is progressive campaigning as the Progressive Alliance intends to support the campaign capacities of progressive parties, in a way that progressive parties around the world are enabled to push our agenda forward and to win elections. In a working group the participants will have the opportunity to discuss common electoral challenges and best practices of successful campaigns.

Finally we are also looking forward to discuss in an informal reflection group about progressive politics and the way forward.

Please register for the seminar at the latest by 18 March 2015.

Kind regards and looking forward to seeing you in Mexico.


Invitation (PDF)