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Invitation – Rotterdam Conference: “Gender Equality and Decent Work”, 22-23 May 2015

Dear friends,

It is a great pleasure for us to welcome you in Rotterdam.

This conference will focus on two topics that lie in the heart of our progressive movement: gender equality and decent work.

Decent work has always been a priority of the Progressive Alliance, the PES, the PvdA and our social democratic movement. But still a lot of work needs to be done. Everywhere around the world workers are still not treated equally, are working in poor conditions and are abused or discriminated. It is our duty to fight this and to stand up against these disparities.

By focusing on the gender aspects of decent work, we hope to contribute with this conference to future improvements in this field.

We look forward to hearing from you and I hope to see you in Rotterdam!

Warm regards,

Diederik Samsom
Party Leader
Dutch Labour Party (PvdA)


You are cordially invited to the Progressive Alliance Conference “Gender Equality and Decent Work” on the 22nd and 23rd of May 2015 in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. The conference is conducted in cooperation with the Party of European Socialist (PES) and hosted by the Dutch Labour Party (PvdA).

In Rotterdam we will gather participants from political parties, trade unions and progressive civil society from around the world. The aim of this conference is to provide a forum for political discussions, networking and sharing of best practices in order to promote gender equality and gender justice.

Gender equality policy is a crucial element for a modern and innovative society. Gender equality cannot be achieved by legislation alone. All forces of society are needed in order to advance policies towards gender equality. At the same time it is clear that there is no single measure which will accomplish equal opportunities; instead many kinds of interventions at different places are necessary.

We need better and equal opportunities for women on the labour market including the elimination of the gender pay gap. A better reconciliation of work and private life must be a cornerstone of modern labour and social policies and at the same time be an important component of gender equality policies. Another important step forward must be done regarding the participation of women and men on equal terms in leading positions.

As pointed out, many interventions at many different places are necessary to advance gender equality in our societies. But this also requires an exchange with others, with progressive and socialist forces from all over the world in order to learn from good and successful examples of modern and innovative gender equality policies.

Please register through the registration form at the latest by 14 May 2015.

Kind regards and looking forward to seeing you in Rotterdam.

Invitation Rotterdam (PDF)