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Nobel Peace Prize

Progressive Alliance congratulates Tunisian National Dialogue Quartet for being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize and Mustafa Ben Jafaar for his decisive contribution

The Nobel Peace Price 2015 is a strong signal for freedom, reconciliation and democratic change not only in Tunisia, but in the whole region and worldwide.

With this award the Nobel Prize Committee acknowledges the exemplary political and social engagement of the Tunisian National Dialogue Quartet. The Dialogue Quartet played a substantial role in shaping the radical transformation during the Arab Spring in Tunisia. It has also contributed to the fact that these changes turned into a fundamentally peaceful movement for more democracy, freedom and social reconciliation in Tunisia. The leader of our sister party Ettakatol and at the time president of the constituent assembly, Mustafa Ben Jaafar, played a decisive role in pursuit of this purpose.

The price award is an encouragement for the Tunisian people as a whole to continue together and with determination on this path – despite all challenges and some tragic setbacks.

Peace and reconciliation can only be achieved if they are embraced by people and social actors. Also in this regard, the work of the Dialogue Quartet, amongst whose members were also trade unions and organisations of civil society, is an outstanding example.

Furthermore, this decision is a signal to the whole world to not give up hope that peaceful change and democratic progress are possible. In a time where we get news of war, violence, flight and state disintegration on a daily basis especially in North Africa and the Middle East, this is more important than ever.

The price award encourages us to stay courageous and optimistic and to continue our commitment for peace, freedom and plurality in a world which seems to be out of balance in many places.

Our special thanks goes to Mustafa Ben Jaafar for his commitment to ensure that with the adoption of the constitution this process reached an important intermediate step towards a democratic Tunisia.

Progressive Alliance congratulates Quartet (PDF)