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Invitation – Rabat Seminar: “Social Justice and Equal Opportunities for All”, 19-20 November 2015

Dear Comrades, dear friends,

We are very pleased to invite you to the Progressive Alliance Seminar “Social Justice and Equal Opportunities for All”, hosted by the USFP Morocco, which will be take place in Rabat, Morocco, on 19 – 20 November, 2015.

This seminar is an ideal platform for bringing together progressive participants from all over the world: from political parties through trade unions to civil society. It stays in line with a core idea of the Progressive Alliance, namely, to provide a common forum for political discussions, networking with fellow progressives and the exchange of experiences from all over the globe.With decent work and social justice as the focus of this event, and with Morocco as a country where this issue is pressing, we are convinced to have found just the right place for the work of our seminar and the examination of its important topic. This, of course, is also a reason why we highly appreciate the offer of the Socialist Union of Popular Forces (USFP) to be the conference host.


“Dear comrades, dear friends,

Since its foundation in 1975 the Socialist Union of Popular Forces has not ceased in its efforts and engagement to promote and build an open, tolerant, democratic, equitable and plural Morocco. Defending our positions has often come at a high price, but considering the political development of our country, Morocco, we are also quite proud of however small our contribution to its democratisation might have been. The social democratic project that we all stand for is still far from being achieved. The social democratic project that we all stand for is still far from being achieved. In view of the terrible crisis which hit our economies after 2008, our progressive values and ideas of solidarity, distribution and equality have remained more important than ever. This is why we have to continue our mobilisation to implement them wherever our positions allow us to do so, be it in the opposition or in government. Therefore, we would be delighted if we could count on your presence in this Progressive Alliance Seminar.

Fraternal Regards,

Habib El Malki,

President of the Administrative Commission, Socialist Union of Popular Forces (USFP)”


Inequality is on the rise, leads to a massive problem of justice and has economic, social and political consequences. Social inequality has moved to the centre of political interest. The aim is to prevent high unemployment, falling real wages and persistent recession. The increasing gap between rich and poor is the largest threat to the world economy. Inequality leads to negative consequences for growth and decent work, income disparity, cements social inequalities and power relations hampering social mobility, jeopardizing social peace and undermining democracy.

Against this background, the seminar of the Progressive Alliance centres on the question of how to promote social justice and equal opportunities for all.

But achieving a meaningful breakthrough in the reduction of inequality will require all actors working together. The Progressive Alliance Seminar seeks to offer a platform for a global exchange focused on addressing the most pressing needs in this field.

The second priority of the seminar is the cooperation with the trade unions as the Progressive Alliance intends to develop common strategies to push our agenda forward. Another focus of the working groups will be Progressive Campaigning. The Progressive Alliance intends to support the campaign capacities of progressive parties, so that right around the world progressives and our agenda win electorally. In the working groups the participants will have the opportunity to discuss shared best practices from different world regions.

Please register for the seminar at the latest by 4 November, 2015.

Kind regards and looking forward to seeing you in Rabat.

Invitation Rabat (PDF)