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rule of law

No Modification in the Constitution of the Republic of Congo to Remain in Power

The Progressive Alliance is seriously concerned by the ongoing trend, especially in parts of Africa, to thwart democracy by manipulating constitutions in order to remove presidential term limits in favor of incumbents

The Progressive Alliance stands on the side of its allied parties in this part of the world that brave the odds at the perils of their lives to stop these backward and anti-democratic constitutional modifications.

The Progressive Alliance especially condemns the violent muzzling of the progressive political leaders in Congo Brazzaville whose only crime has been to try to protect the institution of democracy.

The Progressive Alliance reminds those who modify their constitution to remain in power forever that not being able to usher in a democratic power change is the most important indicator of failed leadership and the democratic deficits observed in these countries void any hope of attaining lasting social justice, equal opportunities and economic emergence.

Congo Resolution (PDF)