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Dominican Republic

Declaration on the Modern Revolutionary Party

© Maurice Weiss/OSTKREUZ

Gathered in Santo Domingo de Guzmán, Dominican Republic, on 13 – 14 December 2015, the parties and institutions that make up the Progressive Alliance, welcome the birth of the Modern Revolutionary Party as a democratic and hopeful initiative. The party is called to accomplish a historic mission in the fight for the values of participative and pluralistic democracy, as well as for a social and ethical reorganization of the State and the implementation of structural reforms that enable the inclusion of the poor in the creation of wealth, providing opportunities and quality jobs and effectively fighting corruption and crime through the institutionalization of the judicial bodies as a legal guarantee of the rights of all citizens.

The Progressive Alliance, whose Social Democratic ideological foundations are the doctrinal basis of our fraternal solidarity and participation, advocates peace with justice, rejection of all forms of violence and oppression, as well as dialogue and agreements between social and political forces to ensure the institutional and democratic strengthening of the nations.

The Modern Revolutionary Party, a full member of our Progressive Alliance, which is facing an electoral process crucial for the future of the Dominican Republic, with its presidential candidate, fellow Luis Abinader, can count on our solidarity and political support in their continuing efforts to safeguard the values of democracy and freedom.

Declaration (PDF)