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Invitation – Denpasar Seminar: “Living together in a New World, Building Solidarity and Social Justice”, 19-20 September 2016

"Let us work together, struggle hand in hand for the people's welfare and social justice. A more just world for all." -Megawati Soekarnoputri, Chair of PDI Perjuangan

Dear Comrades, dear Friends,

We are very pleased to invite you to the Progressive Alliance Seminar “Living together in a New World, Building Solidarity and Social Justice”, hosted by the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDI Perjuangan), which will take place in Denpasar, Indonesia, on 19 – 20  September 2016. We will conduct this seminar in co-operation with the Network of Social Democracy in Asia (SocDem Asia).

The seminar is an ideal opportunity for bringing together progressive actors from all over the world, ranging from political parties to civil society. The seminar will provide an excellent platform for political discussions, networking with fellow progressives and the exchange of experiences.

With sustainability, justice and diversity being the focus of the event, we are convinced that in Indonesia we have found the right place for the theme and work of our seminar. With the recent electoral success of PDI Perjuangang, Indonesia is set on a path for economic development which encompasses social justice and progress as well as ecological sustainability. Therefore, we highly appreciate the offer of the Indonesian PDI-Perjuangan to be the conference host.

We progressives are observing with ever greater concern that economic growth is often not sustainable and not paired with the creation of a more just and diverse society. In fact, economic growth often severely lacks important issues like the strengthening of workers’ rights, social security, the inclusion of marginalized social groups and the protection of the environment. It is up to us progressives to call out these and other deficits and make clear that inclusive growth and sustainability are core progressive competences which entail ecological issues, social justice as well as diversity and are relevant both for and developing and industrialized countries. This is why we have to shape this debate more than ever!

In order to achieve a lasting change towards greater diversity and social justice framed by sustainable economic development all actors will have to work together. In this spirit, the Progressive Alliance Seminar offers a platform for a global exchange, focused on addressing the most topical issues in this field.

In our seminar workshops, we will discuss the developing situation in Asian countries. Furthermore, we will share strategies to render our progressive movement more inclusive with a special focus on strategies and instruments needed for a higher youth participation both in our parties and in political processes in general.

For more information about the seminar, please find enclosed the draft program, the technical details and the registration form.

Please register for the seminar at the latest by 12 September 2016.

Kind regards and looking forward to seeing you in Indonesia!

Invitation Denpasar