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Condemnation of Lula: Who or what is corrupt in Brazil?

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Declaration of the Progressive Alliance

The former president of Brazil and former chairman of the Brazilian Workers’ Party (PT) Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva was sentenced on charges of passive corruption in a highly controversial lawsuit in the first instance.

The allegations, the line of argumentation and the grounds for the judgement are utterly questionable because nobody can be condemned only based on denouncements without proves. They can only be seen against the background of the extreme political polarization and alarming politicization of the judiciary in Brazil. The doubts about the impartiality of parts of the judiciary, including the judge Sergio Moro, were not raised without cause. His biased positions and the permanent attacks and discrediting of Lula in the Brazilian media lead to an atmosphere of prejudgement. Under such circumstances it is hardly possible to speak of fair proceedings.

Now the sentence has to be reviewed by the next instance. This is the only way for the Brazilian judiciary to show that political motives were not involved, particularly the motivation to prevent a new presidential candidacy of Lula. Any delay of the revision of the sentence will inevitably have a negative impact on the democratic process of the next presidential elections.

During his presidency Lula da Silva has moved Brazil forward. He reinvigorated the socialist progressive project. He fought decisively against hunger, poverty and discrimination in Brazil and reduced the huge social inequality. He gave Brazil an important international voice for multilateralism, peace and justice. We need a strong and progressive Brazil again – under the leadership of Lula da Silva and the PT.


Declaration Lula