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Equatorial Guinea

Progressive Alliance: Manipulation of the elections in Equatorial Guinea is appalling

We condemn the vote-rigging in Equatorial Guinea last Sunday and the repression against our sister party, Convergence for Social Democracy (CPDS) and the opposition as a whole.  The authoritarian President Teodoro Obiang who has been in office already for 37 years has shown once again that he is not interested in the people being able to exercise their constitutional fundamental democratic rights by actively preventing fair and democratic elections from the very beginning.

We are concerned about the apparent blockade of all digital communication channels. Not only does this news embargo make it nearly impossible to get any update on the situation in the country; it also shows the absolutist treatment of the country’s citizens by the president.

We stand in solidarity with our sister party CPDS and the other opposition parties to the Obiang regime. We call on president Obiang to hold new democratic elections. Human rights, democracy and the rule of law are not negotiable and need to become the cornerstone of Equatorial Guinea after decades of dictatorship.