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Israel and Palestine

Resolution “Saving the two-state solution in Israel and Palestine”

Saving the two-state solution in Israel and Palestine

The Progressive Alliance Convention in Stockholm on November 15th 2019 expresses its strong opposition to unilateral steps that undermine the prospects of the two-state solution for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and calls on all parties to return to a path of peace and a life of freedom and security for all people in Israel and Palestine. The international community should actively work towards making the two-state solution the only option. We reject any unilateral annexation; it undermines the prospects of the two state solution.

In order for all people in Israel and Palestine to live in peace and security, an agreed-upon solution which will end the occupation and allow for a vital Palestinian State in the Westbank, Gaza-Strip and East-Jerusalem to exist in peace at its side must be reched. We support the two-state solution and in principle the recognition of Palestinian statehood.

The political divide between the Westbank and the Gaza Strip is a hindrance for achieving a negotiated peace with Israel.

We support the Palestinian leadership to call for a democratic process and establish a democratically elected leadership by holding free and fair presidential and parliamentary elections.

We call to end the blockade of the Gaza Strip that is causing a major humanitarian crisis. We call to end all forms of violence by all sides. We condemn the escalation and indiscriminate violence and attacks targeting civilians. We call on all parties to keep and respect humanitarian values and allow Red Cross access to Palestinian prisoners and assist vulnerable people including Israeli missing persons in the Gaza Strip.

We ask all relevant actors to enable the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) to fulfill its mandate as a humanitarian relief agency that provides services to millions of Palestinian refugees.

We stand in solidarity with all progressive forces in Israel, Palestine and the Middle East who seek peace and work towards a life of all people in freedom, justice and solidarity.