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Dear friends, female and male, of the Progressive Alliance

I strongly recommend this action of Women are Stronger Together. Let’s show the world how strong we are by supporting this action!

Marja Bijl, Vice-President PES Women, PvdA Netherlands, Coordinator working group on gender in Progressive Alliance

Dear friends,

Below is a call for joint action from Kadinlar Birlikte Güçlü (Women Are Strong Together) a broad women’s platform in Turkey of which we also are a part. 

We hope you will join, convey on to your organizations and disseminate.. 

HDP Women’s Assembly

Dear friends,

We send our love and greetings in the hope that you are doing well and your health is fine in these corona days.
Covid-19 pandemic is devastating the world and has its affect on everyone yet it has far-reaching effects on women, the LGBTI+, refugee women and disabled women.

Calls were issued for us to stay at home, overlooking the fact that home is not a safe place for most us, and disregarding the fact that there are, for example, homeless women or women who have to work. In fact, home is one of the most dangerous places for us. Quarantine measures and lockdowns have resulted in exponential rises in violence against women and the LGBTI+ people all over the world. We see that many states and governments take no measure against the increase in gendered violence while measures taken by some are symbolic and thus insufficient. The already inadequate mechanisms that women and LGBTI+ can resort to in the face of violence have become completely inoperative during the pandemic.

Therefore, we call for women and LGBTI+ people to take action against the surge of violence in our lives in the current context. As part of it we want to raise our voices from all corners of the world with the hashtag #AllWomenProtestViolence on May 28, 2020  (an all-day event due to time zone differences). If you wish to join our call and also appear on a map where we will tag all the participating countries, please contact us at by May 23 at the latest.

In solidarity,
Women Are Strong Together