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Zoran Zaev, 2020 FES Human Rights Award Laureate

Congratulations to our board member Zoran Zaev, Prime Minister of North Macedonia, for receiving the 2020 Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Human Rights Award.

“Zaev’s achievements lie not only in the conclusion of the Friendship Treaty with Bulgaria in 2017 and the Prespa Agreement with Greece, which ended a 27-year-long name dispute, but above all in North Macedonia itself. Already as leader of the opposition, Zaev emerged as an important figure who stood up for civil and human rights of all Macedonians and peacefully advocated for new elections in the context of the “colourful revolution” movement. After many disappointments, Zaev’s determined reform agenda led to the EU member states’ decision to open accession negotiations between the EU and North Macedonia in March and paved the way for North Macedonia to join NATO as its 30th member.”