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IX National Convention: Movimiento Renovador Sandinista becomes UNAMOS

Closing message of the IX National Convention
Suyen Barahona president of Unamos

Dear delegates:

Our IX National Convention concludes today an extraordinary day of democracy, debates and exchanges.

We are Unamos, a union of people committed to democracy and justice, integral and social progress, the creation of opportunities, solidarity and national sovereignty.

We are a democratic force, because we firmly believe that democracy can only be promoted in depth by being democratic in all the spaces in which we participate.

We are a force for renewal because we are committed to change in Nicaraguan society, political and social culture, to eliminate authoritarianism, intolerance and violence and to contribute to building a peaceful and fair society with full enjoyment of human rights. We are a force always open to permanent evolution in order to serve Nicaragua.

We are an open-door party, in which any Nicaraguan, of any origin or background, with any experience, has a space, as long as he or she aspires to a democratic Nicaragua, with opportunities, progress, justice and solidarity.

We are Unamos, because we believe in the necessary unity of all and every Nicaraguan to move forward, to leave behind the dictatorship that prevents us from progressing and advancing towards a better Nicaragua.

The majority of Nicaraguans are suffering the consequences of the Ortega Murillo regime: unemployment, poverty, low wages, more expensive water and electricity, a new and very serious wave of Covid 19. Producers, small and medium entrepreneurs and traders are also suffering from the crisis.

There are almost 120 political prisoners in the worst conditions in the prisons of the dictatorship; tens of thousands of Nicaraguans, women and men, in exile, passing through all kinds of hardships, they and their families. There are thousands of people persecuted and harassed.

The repression is there, trying to convince us to stop fighting. But in this Convention we have said loud and clear that we will continue fighting, organizing and mobilizing, to confront the dictatorship and to build the Nicaragua in which we all fit.

No pact, neither small nor big, is going to save Nicaragua. No pact, neither small nor big, will free us from the dictatorship. Only the sum of all the energies, the unity of all the forces, is what can make the difference. Unity to open the prisons, to open the borders for the safe return of the exiled people, to achieve clean and transparent elections, to defeat the regime that oppresses us.

In Unamos we are ready and willing to continue working for that plural unity, without exclusions, that represents each Nicaraguan, so that with hope and common effort we make this the year of freedom.

Nicaragua will be free!

Managua, January 17, 2021.