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“New Social Contract for a New Normality?”- 4 May at 14h00 CET


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“New Social Contract for a new normality?”

The pandemic has put pressure on workers and their families. Precarious working conditions have even become more precarious, the so-called new forms of employment are everything but resilient as we can observe now. Unemployment is raising in many countries and regions of the world.

Climate change is not on hold and needs answers which do not put the burden on workers in general and those workers in particular whose jobs are at risk or will change.

This crisis will have a long-lasting effects in spite of many efforts made in particular by progressive governments and international institutions, but this is not yet the end of the line. With these developments the health crisis is followed by a large social crisis.

The Progressive Alliance has been working closely with the trade union movement since its creation in 2013, globally and regionally. Therefore we want to join the campaign launched by the International Trade Union Confederation for a New Social Contract for Recovery and Resilience.

We support the 5 key demands of ITUC and invite you for a discussion on 4 May 2021 at 2pm CET:


  • What is necessary to lay the fundamentals for a new normality which cannot be only the return to the old system?
  • How can we mange a balanced recovery and socially fair transition?
  • How can we progress in terms of alliance building?
  • What shall be the next steps?


  • Sharan Burrow, Secretary General ITUC
  • Nicolas Schmit, European Commissioner for Jobs and Social Rights
  • Agnes Jongerius, S&D Coordinator in the Eurepean Parliament
  • Ana Pirtskhalava, General Secretary IUSY
  • Steven Sim, Democratic Action Party, Malaysia
  • Doris Zapata, Minister for Labor, Panama

Moderator: Conny Reuter, Global Coordinator Progressive Alliance