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Gabriel Boric, new President of the Republic of Chile

For the past 50 years, Chile has experienced a neoliberal dictatorship and a democracy dominated by neoliberalism. In October 2019, Chile woke up and stood up to say basta! Since then, its progressive forces have united in the project to work “until dignity becomes a habit”.

They first won the right to write a new constitution in a way that is unique in the world: citizen-based, parity-based and including its indigenous peoples.

Chile has now elected the one who will lead the reforms it needs, Gabriel Boric, its new President of the Republic. He is 35 years old, comes from the Strait of Magellan, in the far south of the world, and launched this movement of hope 10 years ago with his fellow student leaders.

The elections in Chile are a lesson for people who aspire to live in democracy with dignity. They are a lesson of unity for the left and progressive forces. The Progressive Alliance has been supporting these processes from the beginning and is present today in Chile to continue learning and supporting this new path of hope opened by a new generation. Hope and dignity are what the world needs, now more than ever. Long live Chile!

Read his first speech as President-elect