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Dictatorships never again!

Forty-three years ago the tyrant Somoza Debayle was driven from power by the strength and determination of the Nicaraguan people. Once again it was demonstrated that no dictatorship lasts forever and that the desire for freedom always prevails over corrupt and criminal dictatorships, such as the Somoza dictatorship and now the Ortega dictatorship.

It was the Nicaraguan people who, acting as one fist to conquer democracy and freedom, put an end to Somocismo. The struggle of several generations, of young people, women, workers, peasants and businessmen, had its result on 17 July 1979.

Today we are faced with the power of a new corrupt and sell-out family, which represses, murders, imprisons, forces us into exile, keeps us in poverty, has annihilated our rights and freedoms, has handed over and squandered our natural resources and spreads impunity, injustice and insecurity.

Just as the Somoza dictatorship fell by the will and decision of the majority of the Nicaraguan people, the same people, through civic struggle and non-violence, will take charge of consigning Ortega and Murillo to the dustbin of history so that once and for all they face justice.

We Nicaraguans will win the release of political prisoners. We are going to win democracy, freedoms and justice in order to build a new Nicaragua.

With the determination, strength and hope that inspired Nicaraguans 43 years ago, and by learning the lessons of our history, we will emerge from this regime.

Our homage and recognition to the memory of those who fell in the struggle against Somocismo and those murdered by the FSLN. Before them we reiterate our unwavering commitment to continue our struggle until we conquer a Nicaragua in which no dictatorship of any kind will ever again be installed.

Unidad Azul y Blanco