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New Year 2023

Peace, security & democracy, meeting the challenges means standing strong and united

The attack on the Brazilian institutions yesterday in Brasilia has illustrated again that right wing extremists and fascists are following a global playbook by not recognising their defeat in democratic elections and refusing a basic rule of democracy, the peaceful transition and alternance. We stand in solidarity with comrade President Lula, PT and PSB Brazil!

We have seen this in Washington last year and yesterday’s event seems to be a copy-paste.

Military coups, as recently in 5 African countries have become a new reality and this leads us to the need to raise awareness on the global threats on and risks for Democracy and the Rule of Law intrinsically linked to our understanding of Social Democracy.

Victims of political persecution like in Nicaragua, Turkey, Russia, Belarus and many other countries need our strong solidarity as well as comrades from Citizens Coalition for Change in Zimbabwe who may win the next elections if these are free and fair.

Meanwhile with the Russian invasion on Ukraine we have assisted to a watershed moment in European history since WWII . The rule of international law and treaties shake the world order and we are only at the beginning of the process.

In 2023 as Progressive Alliance we will continue to work together on our topics of Peace, Security and Democracy. A united and strengthened progressive political family has the historical responsibility to stand firmly against the dangerous trends.

Motivated by this understanding of the common challenges we will approach the newly elected leadership of Socialist International based on our decisions taken in Berlin in October last year.

Solidarity greetings,

Conny Reuter

Global coordinator