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Statement on violent repression in Peru – Progressive Alliance of The Americas

The Progressive Alliance of the Americas, made up of political parties, foundations and progressive organizations from all over the region, expresses its repudiation of the violent repression that has been registered for weeks in Peru, after the assumption of Dina Boluarte to the presidency of the Republic.

A month after the self-coup attempt perpetrated by former President Pedro Castillo, and his dismissal, more than 45 people have been killed in street protests that mainly demand the electoral advance to democratically elect a new government.

The most violent of the repressions, in which 17 people died, was recorded in the south of the country in the last hours and, without a change in attitude of the security forces and the government authorities, the situation could worsen.

From the Progressive Alliance of the Americas, we make an urgent call for the cessation of violence and repression, as well as the constitution of a dialogue table that addresses popular and regional demands, which allows us to channel a democratic and progressive solution.

Guaranteeing the full exercise of human rights, including the right to peaceful demonstration, closes the possibility of a long-term armed confrontation that prevents the country from addressing its great challenges in a framework of peace.


Signatory APLA member organizations:
Argentina: Socialist Party – Center for Municipal and Provincial Studies; Brazil: Brazilian Socialist Party; Chile: Socialist Party – Party for Democracy; Costa Rica: Citizen Action Party; México: Citizen Movement – Party of the Democratic Revolution – Foundation for Progressive Political, Economic and Social Studies; Nicaragua: Unamos; Paraguay: Partido País Solidario; Dominican Republic: Modern Revolutionary Party; Venezuela: Avanzada Progresista – Cambiemos