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Earthquakes hit Turkey: HDP call for solidarity

Call by HDP Co-Spokespersons for Foreign Affairs Feleknas Uca & Hişyar Özsoy to the international organizations and institutions.

We send this message at a time of deep pain and sadness. The whole world has been stunned by the terrifying images following yesterday morning’s earthquake in Turkey with a magnitude 7.8 – one of the worst in the region’s history. It was followed by a second 7.7 earthquake in the middle of the day. We are all in mourning for thousands who are known to have died, and fearful for the tens of thousands more who are injured or are buried under the rubble. And many of us are waiting for news from friends and family. Even when we hear that people have survived, we can’t stop worrying. Vast areas are unsafe with buildings liable to further collapse. Hundreds of thousands of people have been left in need of basic shelter, warmth, and subsistence in bitter winter weather.

Our party has stopped all activities so that we can devote all our energy to helping in the work of rescue and survival. We have set up a central coordinating committee to facilitate our work, and our regional election coordinating centers have been turned into crisis coordinating centers. Our deputies and administrators have gone to the worst affected areas, and our youth are actively involved in the urgent task of search and rescue. We are calling on all those whose homes have not been damaged to take in people who have been left without shelter. We know that our communities will come together, and our greatest strength is our human solidarity.

The sheer scale of this disaster has forced world leaders to demonstrate their humanity, with offers of help coming from many governments. And when they have moved on, we know that we will still be able to rely on the support of diverse solidarity networks, humanitarian organizations and individuals everywhere. Thus, we call on all international institutions, governments, organizations and individuals to bear a hand to get over this incredible pain and rebuild shattered lives and communities. Please urgently mobilize all kinds of support and solidarity networks and resources at your disposal.

Additional information by PA:
If you want to help the people affected in #Turkey, you can make a donation using the Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund platform, knowing that they are part of our political family and that we endorse their action.