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Declaration of the Progressive Alliance of the Americas (APLA) on the release of 222 Nicaraguan political prisoners

APLA, the regional platform in the Americas of the global Progressive Alliance made up of political parties, foundations and progressive organizations, welcomes the release of 222 Nicaraguan political prisoners, who were politically detained by the dictatorship of Ortega and Murillo.

The release of these Nicaraguan patriots, men and women, is a conquest of Nicaraguans and the international community that has demanded and accompanied the local parties in this struggle, among which our member organization UNAMOS stands out.

The dictatorship has used the figure of deportation sent to those released on a flight to Washington (USA), while the National Assembly has illegally approved a constitutional reform, in order to strip them of their authentic Nicaraguan nationality.

These measures have no legal basis and will be reversed as soon as democracy returns in Nicaragua.

We demand the total freedom of all political prisoners who are still detained in Nicaraguan prisons, we demand an end to the political persecution of political leaders, human rights defenders, journalists, academics, pastors and priests who are still in Nicaragua denouncing the current authoritarian and dictatorial regime.

We will continue to demand democracy, freedom and free elections in this sister country of our continent alongside Nicaraguan society.

We join the cry of the people who clearly say Nicaragua will be free!

9 February 2023

Organizaciones miembros de APLA firmantes:
Argentina: Partido Socialista – Centro de Estudios Municipales y Provinciales; Brasil: Partido Socialista Brasileño; Chile: Partido Socialista – Partido Por la Democracia; Costa Rica: Partido Acción Ciudadana; México: Movimiento Ciudadano – Partido de la Revolución Democrática – Fundación de Estudios Políticos, Económicos y Sociales Progresistas; Nicaragua: UNAMOS; Paraguay: Partido País Solidario; República Dominicana: Partido Revolucionario Moderno; Venezuela: MAS (Movimiento al Socialismo) – Avanzada Progresista – Cambiemos